‘The Longbow’ as a socio-technical system for long-range warfare

CCTP 506 ‘Introduction to Technology’ Fall 2019 term project by #TeamWildcards presents an in-depth analysis of the Longbow as a ‘technology’ within the context of a socio-technical system.

This project was executed through the use of a de-blackboxing process as part of its core research methodology.

‘Wildcards’ as a quartet consists of Jennarose Placitela (GU ’19), Evelyn Dan Epelle (GU ’20), Ryan Mills (GU’20), and Linghui Cai (GU ’20).

The team morphed from the feedback of supervising professors; Evan Barba Ph.D., and J.R Osborn Ph.D. at Georgetown CCT who named and grouped the teammates for collectively having ‘unique and individually different‘ project ideas, following the project proposal phase.

The Wildcards collaboratively developed and presented this work.

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