Thanks for taking the time to help me see clearly.

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2023

I sent a gift card to Evelyn as both a thank you and a gift.

Our last conversation was a life changing one in that, that very day after we finished talking, I saw a sign that made me realized I may have to consider her thoughts on how to invest my time and mental energy.

Between then and now, I’ve gotten an admission and back on track professionally. I will be pursuing other monetary interest and writing projects while I strategize for the future.

Thank you, Evelyn for showing me that I may be leaning towards the negative side. That conversation made me realize I still have some will to make things happen here!

Tunde Adegoke

Beautiful Soul

Rated 5 out of 5
February 1, 2023

Evelyn is an amazing person, she inspires me with her actions and overall perspective.